Version 1.0.3

  • Changes:
    • Configuration files can now contain unknown sections (at root level) to allow these files to be used by other tools. (#333)

  • Bug fixes:
    • Importing, in a, some classes that were registered as FAST-OAD modules could make that the register process fails. (#331)

    • When generating an input file using a data source, the whole data source was copied instead of just keeping the needed variables. (#332)

    • Instead of overwriting an existing input files, variables of previous file were kept. (#330)

    • A variable that was connected to an output could be incorrectly labelled as input when listing problem variables. (#341)

    • Fixed broken links in Sphinx documentation, including docstrings. (#315)

Version 1.0.2

  • FAST-OAD now requires a lower version of ruamel.yaml. It should prevent Anaconda to try and fail to update its “clone” of ruamel.yaml. (#308)

Version 1.0.1

  • Bug fixes:
    • In a jupyter notebook, each use of a filter in variable viewer caused the display of a new variable viewer. (#301)

    • Wrong warning message was displayed when an incorrect path was provided for module_folders in the configuration file. (#303)

Version 1.0.0

  • Core software:
    • Changes:
      • FAST-OAD configuration file is now in YAML format. (#277)

      • Module declaration are now done using Python decorators directly on registered classes. (#259)

      • FAST-OAD now supports custom modules as plugins. (#266)

      • Added “fastoad.loop.wing_position” module for computing wing position from target static margin in MDA. (#268)

      • NaN values in input data are now detected at computation start. (#273)

      • Now api.generate_inputs() returns the path of generated file. (#254)

      • fastoad list_systems is now fastoad list_modules and shows documentation for OpenMDAO options. (#287)

      • Connection of OpenMDAO variables can now be done in configuration file. (#263)

      • More generic code for mass breakdown plots to ease usage for custom weight models. (#250)

      • DataFile class has been added for convenient interaction with FAST-OAD data files. (#293)

      • Moved some part of code to private API. What is still public will be kept and maintained. (#295)

    • Bug fixes:
      • FAST-OAD was crashing when mpi4py was installed. (#272)

      • Output of fastoad list_variables can now be redirected in a file. (#284)

      • Activation of time-step mission computation in tutorial notebook is now functional. (#285)

      • Variable viewer toolbar now works correctly in JupyterLab. (#288)

      • N2 diagrams caused a 404 error in notebooks since OpenMDAO 3.7. (#289)

  • Models:
    • Changes:
      • A notebook has been added that shows how to compute CeRAS-01 aircraft. (#275)

      • Unification of performance module. (#251)
        • Breguet computations are now defined using the mission input file.

        • A computed mission can now be integrated or not to the sizing process.

      • Better management of speed parameters in Atmosphere class. (#281)

      • More robust airfoil profile processing. (#256)

      • Added tuner parameter in computation of compressibility. (#258)

Version 0.5.4-beta

  • Bug fix: An infinite loop could occur if custom modules were declaring the same variable several times with different units or default values.

Version 0.5.3-beta

  • Added compatibility with OpenMDAO 3.4, which is now the minimum required version of OpenMDAO. (#231)

  • Simplified call to VariableViewer. (#221)

  • Bug fix: model for compressibility drag now takes into account sweep angle and thickness ratio. (#237)

  • Bug fix: at installation, minimum version of Scipy is forced to 1.2. (#219)

  • Bug fix: SpeedChangeSegment class now accepts Mach number as possible target. (#234)

  • Bug fix: variable “data:weight:aircraft_empty:mass has now “kg” as unit. (#236)

Version 0.5.2-beta

  • Added compatibility with OpenMDAO 3.3. (#210)

  • Added computation time in log info. (#211)

  • Fixed bug in XFOIL input file. (#208)

  • Fixed bug in copy_resource_folder(). (#212)

Version 0.5.1-beta

  • Now avoids apparition of numerous deprecation warnings from OpenMDAO.

Version 0.5.0-beta

  • Added compatibility with OpenMDAO 3.2.

  • Added the mission performance module (currently computes a fixed standard mission).

  • Propulsion models are now declared in a specific way so that another module can do a direct call to the needed propulsion model.

Version 0.4.2-beta

  • Prevents installation of OpenMDAO 3.2 and above for incompatibility reasons.

  • In Breguet module, output values for climb and descent distances were 1000 times too large (computation was correct, though).

Version 0.4.0-beta

Some changes in mass and performances components:
  • The Breguet performance model can now be adjusted through input variables in the “settings” section.

  • The mass-performance loop is now done through the “fastoad.loop.mtow” component.

Version 0.3.1-beta

  • Adapted the FAST-OAD code to handle OpenMDAO version 3.1.1.

Version 0.3.0-beta

  • In Jupyter notebooks, VariableViewer now has a column for input/output type.

  • Changed base OAD process so that propulsion model can now be directly called by the performance module instead of being a separate OpenMDAO component (which is still possible, though). It prepares the import of FAST legacy mission-based performance model.

Version 0.2.2-beta

  • Changed dependency requirement to have OpenMDAO version at most 3.1.0 (FAST-OAD is not yet compatible with 3.1.1)

Version 0.2.1-beta

  • Fixed compatibility with wop 1.9 for XDSM generation

Version 0.2.0b

  • First beta release

Version 0.1.0a

  • First alpha release