fastoad.models.performances.mission.routes module

Classes for computation of routes (i.e. assemblies of climb, cruise and descent phases).

class fastoad.models.performances.mission.routes.SimpleRoute(climb_phases: List[fastoad.models.performances.mission.base.FlightSequence], cruise_segment:, descent_phases: List[fastoad.models.performances.mission.base.FlightSequence])[source]

Bases: fastoad.models.performances.mission.base.FlightSequence

Computes a simple route.

The computed route will be be made of:
  • any number of climb phases

  • one cruise segment

  • any number of descent phases.

climb_phases: List[fastoad.models.performances.mission.base.FlightSequence]

Any number of flight phases that will occur before cruise.


The cruise phase.

descent_phases: List[fastoad.models.performances.mission.base.FlightSequence]

Any number of flight phases that will occur after cruise.

property cruise_distance

Ground distance to be covered during cruise, as set in target of cruise_segment.

property cruise_speed: Optional[Tuple[str, float]]

Type (among true_airspeed, equivalent_airspeed and mach) and value of cruise speed.

class fastoad.models.performances.mission.routes.RangedRoute(climb_phases: List[fastoad.models.performances.mission.base.FlightSequence], cruise_segment:, descent_phases: List[fastoad.models.performances.mission.base.FlightSequence], flight_distance: float, distance_accuracy: float = 500.0)[source]

Bases: fastoad.models.performances.mission.routes.SimpleRoute

Computes a route so that it covers the specified ground distance.

flight_distance: float

Target ground distance for whole route

distance_accuracy: float = 500.0

Accuracy on actual total ground distance for the solver. In meters

compute_from(start: fastoad.model_base.flight_point.FlightPoint) pandas.core.frame.DataFrame[source]

Computes a flight sequence from provided start point.


start – the initial flight point, defined for altitude, mass and speed (true_airspeed, equivalent_airspeed or mach). Can also be defined for time and/or ground_distance.


a pandas DataFrame where columns names match fields of FlightPoint