fastoad.models.performances.mission.segments.hold module

Class for simulating hold segment.

class fastoad.models.performances.mission.segments.hold.HoldSegment(target: fastoad.model_base.flight_point.FlightPoint, propulsion: fastoad.model_base.propulsion.IPropulsion, polar: fastoad.models.performances.mission.polar.Polar, reference_area: float, time_step: float = 60.0, engine_setting: fastoad.constants.EngineSetting = EngineSetting.CLIMB, altitude_bounds: tuple = (- 500.0, 40000.0), mach_bounds: tuple = (0.0, 5.0), name: str = '', interrupt_if_getting_further_from_target: bool = True)[source]

Bases: fastoad.models.performances.mission.segments.base.RegulatedThrustSegment, fastoad.models.performances.mission.segments.base.FixedDurationSegment

Class for computing hold flight segment.

Mach is considered constant, equal to Mach at starting point. Altitude is constant. Target is a specified time. The target definition indicates the time duration of the segment, independently of the initial time value.

target: FlightPoint

A FlightPoint instance that provides parameter values that should all be reached at the end of compute_from(). Possible parameters depend on the current segment. A parameter can also be set to CONSTANT_VALUE to tell that initial value should be kept during all segment.

propulsion: IPropulsion

A IPropulsion instance that will be called at each time step.

polar: Polar

The Polar instance that will provide drag data.

reference_area: float

The reference area, in m**2.