fastoad.openmdao.whatsopt module

WhatsOpt-related operations.

fastoad.openmdao.whatsopt.write_xdsm(problem: openmdao.core.problem.Problem, xdsm_file_path: Optional[str] = None, depth: int = 2, wop_server_url: Optional[str] = None, dry_run: bool = False)[source]

Makes WhatsOpt generate a XDSM in HTML file.

  • problem – a Problem instance. final_setup() must have been run.

  • xdsm_file_path – the path for HTML file to be written (will overwrite if needed)

  • depth – the depth analysis for WhatsOpt

  • wop_server_url – URL of WhatsOpt server (if None, will be used)

  • dry_run – if True, will run wop without sending any request to the server. Generated XDSM will be empty. (for test purpose only)