fastoad.gui.optimization_viewer module

Defines the variable viewer for postprocessing

class fastoad.gui.optimization_viewer.OptimizationViewer[source]

Bases: object

A class for interacting with FAST-OAD Problem optimization information.

problem_configuration: FASTOADProblemConfigurator

Instance of the FAST-OAD problem configuration


The dataframe which is the mirror of self.file

load(problem_configuration: FASTOADProblemConfigurator)[source]

Loads the FAST-OAD problem and stores its data.


problem_configuration – the FASTOADProblem instance.


Save the optimization to the files. Possible files modified are:

  • the .yml configuration file

  • the input file (initial values)

  • the output file (values)


Displays the datasheet. load() must be ran before.


display of the user interface:

load_variables(variables: VariableList, attribute_to_column: Optional[Dict[str, str]] = None)[source]

Loads provided variable list and replace current data set.

  • variables – the variables to load

  • attribute_to_column – dictionary keys tell what variable attributes are kept and the values tell what name will be displayed. If not provided, default translation will apply.

get_variables(column_to_attribute: Optional[Dict[str, str]] = None) VariableList[source]

column_to_attribute – dictionary keys tell what columns are kept and the values tell whatvariable attribute it corresponds to. If not provided, default translation will apply.


a variable list from current data set