fastoad.models.performances.mission.openmdao.mission module

FAST-OAD model for mission computation.

class fastoad.models.performances.mission.openmdao.mission.Mission(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: Group

Computes a mission as specified in mission input file.

Set the solvers to nonlinear and linear block Gauss–Seidel by default.


Perform any one-time initialization run at instantiation.


Build this group.

This method should be overidden by your Group’s method. The reason for using this method to add subsystem is to save memory and setup time when using your Group while running under MPI. This avoids the creation of systems that will not be used in the current process.

You may call ‘add_subsystem’ to add systems to this group. You may also issue connections, and set the linear and nonlinear solvers for this group level. You cannot safely change anything on children systems; use the ‘configure’ method instead.

Available attributes:

name pathname comm options

property flight_points: DataFrame

Dataframe that lists all computed flight point data.