fastoad.models.performances.mission.openmdao.mission_component module

OpenMDAO component for time-step computation of missions.

class fastoad.models.performances.mission.openmdao.mission_component.MissionComponent(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: ExplicitComponent

Computes a mission as specified in mission input file

  • propulsion_id: (mandatory) the identifier of the propulsion wrapper.

  • out_file: if provided, a csv file will be written at provided path with all computed

    flight points.

  • mission_wrapper: the MissionWrapper instance that defines the mission.

  • use_initializer_iteration: During first solver loop, a complete mission computation can

    fail or consume useless CPU-time. When activated, this option ensures the first iteration is done using a simple, dummy, formula instead of the specified mission. Set this option to False if you do expect this model to be computed only once.

  • is_sizing: if True, TOW will be considered equal to MTOW and mission payload will be

    considered equal to design payload.

  • reference_area_variable: Defines the name of the variable for providing aircraft

    reference surface area.

Store some bound methods so we can detect runtime overrides.


Perform any one-time initialization run at instantiation.


Declare inputs and outputs.

Available attributes:

name pathname comm options


Declare partials.

This is meant to be overridden by component classes. All partials should be declared here since this is called after all size/shape information is known for all variables.

compute(inputs, outputs, discrete_inputs=None, discrete_outputs=None)[source]

Compute outputs given inputs. The model is assumed to be in an unscaled state.

  • inputs (Vector) – Unscaled, dimensional input variables read via inputs[key].

  • outputs (Vector) – Unscaled, dimensional output variables read via outputs[key].

  • discrete_inputs (dict or None) – If not None, dict containing discrete input values.

  • discrete_outputs (dict or None) – If not None, dict containing discrete output values.