fastoad.models.performances.mission.segments.transition module

Class for very simple transition in some flight phases.

class fastoad.models.performances.mission.segments.transition.DummyTransitionSegment(name: str = '', target: ~fastoad.model_base.flight_point.FlightPoint = <object object>, isa_offset: float = 0.0, mass_ratio: float = 1.0, reserve_mass_ratio: float = 0.0)[source]

Bases: AbstractFlightSegment

Computes a transient flight part in a very quick and dummy way.

compute_from() will return only 2 or 3 flight points.

The second flight point is the end of transition. Its parameters are equal to those provided in target.

There is an exception if target does not specify any mass (i.e. == 0). Then the mass of the second flight point is the start mass multiplied by mass_ratio.

If reserve_mass_ratio is non-zero, a third flight point is added, with parameters equal to flight_point(2), except for mass where:

mass(2) - reserve_mass_ratio * mass(3) = mass(3).

In different words, mass(3) would be the Zero Fuel Weight (ZFW) and reserve can be expressed as a percentage of ZFW.

mass_ratio: float = 1.0

The ratio (aircraft mass at END of segment)/(aircraft mass at START of segment)

reserve_mass_ratio: float = 0.0

The ratio (fuel mass)/(aircraft mass at END of segment) that will be consumed at end of segment.

compute_from_start_to_target(start: FlightPoint, target: FlightPoint) DataFrame[source]

Here should come the implementation for computing flight points between start and target flight points.

  • start

  • target – Definition of segment target


a pandas DataFrame where column names match fields of FlightPoint

property target: FlightPoint

The most base type